Ali Xeeshan’s “Numaish” highlighting the poisonous tradition of Pakistan.

Dowry, is a longtime tradition practiced by the people residing in the sub-continent area. Having a long term history dowry is still practiced by the poor, middle and even by the elitist class of the nation. The rest of the world may have moved on but in Pakistan people are still forced to give a huge sum of money, land, transport vehicle or other expensive objects with the bride.

In the past it was mandatory and was also forced but the only difference now is that now the dowry is not something asked by the families but is something which is ‘expected‘. People may have this façade of not agreeing by this ungodly practice but deep down the thought of having a house new, shiny and furnished objects for free sends them over the moon, and if this practice is not fulfilled up to the standards than it is the bride who suffers.

In the recent years many people have tried to ban this practice, Sindh a south-eastern province of the country have banned dowry and have announced consequences for the people who still demand it. Apart from the governmental practices several NGOs and other people have tried to start campaigns to ban dowry for all over the country. It is still sad to say that even these long and lengthy campaign against dowry has not been able to suck out this poisonous behavior form the very veins of our otherwise conservative society.

Ali Xeeshan’s Numaish

Recently, Ali Xeeshan, a renowned Pakistani fashion designer showcased his new campaign ‘numaish’ a source to raise voice against ‘dowry’. Xeeshan is known for his creative ideas and his collection also tells its own story. With his past record of using his platform wisely only this designer had the guts to fight against this issue.

His new collection poster includes a very young looking bride pulling a huge cart filled with household stuff and expensive jewels including her husband setting at the top. The facial expression of the bride reeks the mental and physical pressure and discomfort that only a bride experiences during forced and young marriages. This poster is the carbon copy of our hypocrite society.

This collection was debuted in this year’s Bridal Couture Fashion Week. Different models showcased his bridal gowns which were filled with intricate details and immersed in bright hues. Even one of the models was escorted by a male model who was wearing a cut-out of a car showing how to some a new bride is a source of getting new and free transport.

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Xeeshan has been praised all over the world for this collection. It spoke to a lot of people and forced people to think about this hidden issue of our society. Apart from Pakistan this campaign also turned heads around the world. Many people praised this Pakistani designer for his creativity and talent.

Ali Xeeshan may be the one who is trending and being praised by majority of our society but still no one can ignore the critics. Most people are blaming this campaign which may be highlighting the negative side of our society but also putting forward this persona of people spending fortune on his glamorous bridal dresses. If one want this practice to be out than these designers also have a responsibility of providing attire that may be not as expensive.

Even after facing criticism people are still defending the artist as buying an expensive bridal’ jora’ may be a choice but whereas giving dowry is not. To some it may be wrong but people who have the vigor to stand up and fight against this poisonous custom should be applauded for there efforts.

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