Reintegration of International Cricket in Pakistan

3rd of March, 2009 was a black day in the cricket history of Pakistan. It was when the team of Sri Lanka was attacked by terrorists in the cosmopolitan Lahore at the Liberty chowk. After that terrible incident Pakistan’s cricket stadium was abandoned for a lengthy time span.
At last, after a decade the international team visited Pakistan for test cricket. It was a good news for Pakistani fans and players because everyone was impatiently waiting to see cricket in the homeland. Everyone dreams to play in his home ground. In this time span, many youngsters debuted in international cricket but unfortunately they had not played a single match in their homeland. Many of the international teams and players started trickling in Pakistan and played limited over but it’s a first time that a well renowned international team of South Africa visited for test series. They played two test matches and are still here to play more matches.

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Security at the Liberty Chowk, Lahore

It is a joyful news for a cricket fan to see national and international players playing in front of him. But due to matches, traffic is effected badly, many routes are closed and a wide network of forces is planted to avoid any mishap. People have to face many troubles but still they warmly welcome and showed that they wanted to bring cricket back. International players are much satisfied now from security issues and also International Cricket Council (ICC) has included in it’s strategic policy to resumption of cricket in Pakistan.

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#MatchDikhao cut-out placed in Liberty Chowk round about, Lahore

Pakistani people warmly welcome every international players and give them great hospitality and shown their love for cricket. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) turned midnight oil for resumption of cricket to Pakistan and still working on it to have a huge sports event event in Pakistan. We appreciate their efforts as a cricket fan and support them.

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