Gully Cricket

Cricket is more than a game for Pakistan; it’s a part of their life. Almost every kid in the country has grown up playing gully cricket. They may not have good pitches and stadiums to play, but they make every street, road, garden, back yard, parks their playground. The cricket of streets is called Gully cricket. For playing Gully cricket they have their own rules.
In gully cricket, a player takes 22 steps and that supposed as the length of the pitch. In the absence of a coin, the toss is decided by spinning a bat in the air and any wrapper with two different sides will use for toss.

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Then if on the first ball of an innings if a batsman loses his wicket then according to the gully cricket rules that ball is declared as a trial ball. The first ball that every batsman will attempt will always be a trial ball just so they can warm up their batting and get used to the bowling. Then one tip one hand rule is considered out if you catch the ball in one hand. When the opponent team member catches the ball after one bounce but in one hand the player who hit the ball is out and if the ball goes in the neighbor’s house then the batsman is out. When the batsman hits the ball so far and if the ball is lost then the batsman is responsible he will have to buy a new one. However, who owns the bat gets a chance to bat first and the team who wins the match will bat first for the next match. The umpire is chosen from the batting team and the funniest gully cricket rule is close run-outs always supposed as not out in gully cricket. If the batsman thinks the ball is too fast that ball will not be counted the bowler should re-ball the ball. There is no concept of LBW in gully cricket.

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The extra player will play for both sides. The extra player is usually called “Railoo Katta”. The extra player in the team usually the worst player will be asked to play for both teams because then the powers of both the team will be equal. The last batsman will play without a non-striker batsman. The last man gets to bat without assistance from the other non-striker batsman and should run double because single is not accepted. As a result of a shortage of players, it is generally agreed by the two teams to not have any runs behind the wicket. When there are more than one group of kids who play on the same ground in that case the senior group gets a chance to play first. No matter how long the seniors take juniors have to wait for their turn.
Gully cricket is not considered just a game it’s also a source of amusement and relaxation. Everyone enjoys and even plays with great enthusiasm.
Although it’s not like a real game of cricket but it has our childhood memories.

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