14 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

Our life became too much busy today and this badly affects our health. Due to our busy routine, we get more stressed day by day.

Stress is a type of psychological pain due to some strain and pressure. It has both positive and negative effects on us. Small amounts of stress positively help us by increasing our performance while excessive amounts of stress lead to many health problems such as heart attacks, strokes, mental illness, etc.

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So, it is necessary to overcome the stress level. Here are some hacks to reduce stress.

  1. Manage your time – spend your time wisely by scheduling your tasks. We have to do many things in a day which leads to worries and stress. For this, we have to organize our tasks and shortlist our priorities so that we can work in a better way. 
  2. Exercise – many psychologists suggest exercise as it is equally effective as anti-depressant medicines. We have to find time for exercise to reduce our stress and become more active as it has a direct effect on our mood.
  3. Eat nutritious food – eating natural and organic food helps us in reducing stress. As they contain no harmful chemicals, it relaxes our mind.
  4. Enjoy little things – we have some big goals in our life. We work hard to achieve these and in the whole process of achieving, we are stressed most of the time. So, we have to take time from our busy schedule to enjoy little things such as spend time with friends and family by watching movies and having dinner etc.
  5. Open up and be yourself – whether introverts or extroverts, everyone needs someone. We need someone in front of us laughs, sings, and be ourselves without the fear of being judged. We have to open up as everyone needs social support. This also helps in reducing stress.
  6. React wisely – there are a lot of reactions in our everyday life. We don’t have to react to every situation as everyone doesn’t deserve our response.
  7. Stay hydrated – according to science, dehydration leads to an increase in the level of the stress hormone, cortisol. To reduce this level, a person has to drink more and more water.
  8. Don’t get addicted to electronic devices – we spend our spare time on our laptops and mobiles to feel relax. But instead of relaxing, we gain stress. Using your time on these things also reduces our interaction with human beings.
  9. Enjoy nature’s beauty – according to research, a person who is closer to nature is more relaxed than others. Even by looking at nature’s beauty, we feel more relax and calm.
  10. Read a book – some said books are the friends of human beings as it is a great way to escape to the new world. According to the University of Sussex, 68% of stress is released by reading a book for just 6 minutes.
  11. Be creative – there are many ways to reduce stress such as writing, drawing, coloring, knitting, etc. For this, just find out the way what makes you relax.
  12. Take a good night’s sleep – never compromise on your sleep as there are many things that disturb our sleep. According to science, sleeping reduces the cortisol level.
  13. Talk to someone – find someone whom you talk about what you feel. By discussing, you feel relaxed.
  14. Avoid drugs – alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine are stimulants that increase the stress level. So, avoid these drugs to reduce stress levels.

All these ways are very helpful in reducing the stress level.

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