Taylor Swift – Artist of the Decade

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Taylor Swift is not a stranger to the music industry. She has been at the top of the music charts for quite some time now. Swift has owned this decade through her music. Her exceptional performance in the industry leads her to be the Artist of the Decade.

Taylor started journey her music journey as a 17-year-old country artist from Nashville. Her single ‘love story’ topped the charts and made her a teenage sensation in no time. Throughout the years she has been exploring new genres and expressed her thoughts and feelings through her music. Taylor writes all of her songs and is highly appreciated for that. Her raw and unique talent won everyone’s heart and the stories she told through her music made her successful and popular not only among her fans but throughout the world.

Her album RED, 1989, and Reputation were a complete hit. She has been praised for her music and has won multiple awards for her unique talent. The artist won seven Grammy’s for her albums and also broke the record of the most awarded artist of the American Music Awards by winning 29 awards.

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Her recent album Lover has also topped the charts and has become everyone’s favorite. Lover is simply a celebration of love and her most song of the album Lover is the new wedding song of this year.

Swift is also known for her famous world tours. Taylor has played various sold-out shows and shares her amazing musical journey with the entire world through her tours. Her tours are a part of her charm.

Apart from being a musician, she has also used her platform to raise her voice against some serious issues. She represented the LGBTQ community in her new hit single ‘You Need to Calm Down’ and her new song ‘The Man’ also describes how females are always left behind in a male dominating society.

Taylor was recently awarded Woman of the Decade by the Billboards Music Awards and she took the opportunity to talk about her struggles at an international level. Her journey has not always been easy.

Her recent drama with Scooter Braun has grabbed everyone’s attention. In her recent performance at the American Music Awards, she symbolized how she has been treated in the music industry and how she is determined to protect the younger generation from the same. She faced a lot of hatred and backlash for her music, the way she sings, and her choice of genre but she did not let the hate affect her career.  

Swift has an amazing connection with her fans. She basically shares her whole life story with her fans. Her fans have been by her side from the start and she has always appreciated the love that her fans have showed her.

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Taylor also starred in a musical called CAT’S and is the angelic voice behind the single ‘Beautiful Ghosts that she recorded for the movie. Taylor’s journey throughout this decade has been truly inspiring and encouraging. She turned from a normal country artist to the Artist of the Decade.

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