What is ‘Beautiful’?

It is a very simple question but when you think about the answer it gets a little complicated.

For thousands of years people all over the world had their own definition of beautiful. There were different traits about people that were considered attractive. There was not one standard of beauty, but millions.

Different beauty traits are craved by different parts of the world. In some parts of the west, tan skin is the ultimate beauty goal for many pale bodies. And in some parts of the east fair and blush skin tone is considered “true beauty”. In every part of the world people celebrate and appreciate their own self-defined beauty. 


But ever since the advent of media, it opened the whole world to every individual of this planet. And slowly all over the world the only one true standard of beauty started to dominate. Blond hair, an hour glass figure and beautiful sun kissed skin is now the only “beautiful “ considered in the world. Otherwise the tan skin of Asians, broad facial structures of Africans and every other unique bodily trait of every individual of this planet is now considered ugly.

With more celebrities attaining this goal made the viewers more interested in this fake and made-up world of beauty. Girls all over the world started to spend millions of dollars to attain this beauty figure. Putting your body under the knife is one of the most dreadful thing ever and especially taking this risk all for the sake of human-made beauty standard is straight up dangerous and stupid. 

People have drowned themselves in the world of edited beauty and plastic. With beauty standards constantly changing, what was considered beautiful long ago is not beautiful now. Beauty has grown and evolved in so many ways over the years. Influential personalities now dominate the world of beauty and their unique beauty practices are mimicked all over the world. Like, every one in this age is fighting to get the ‘kylie Jenner’ figure. Big lips and a curvy body is now today’s “beautiful”.

There are serious dangers of promoting such standards of beauty as it plays with the minds of people and convinces them to change themselves. Their still are many confused minds around the world who are willing to change themselves to achieve this fake beauty goal. Creating these unhealthy beauty versions creates risk for all other feeble minds out their.

People who are convinced that this is beautiful are willing to hurt themselves to get all the possible procedures done. Millions lose their precious lives and some seriously get hurt.  The individuality of the person is no where to be found. Even the most beautiful people in the world will point out their insecurities which are all influenced by the social media’s version of beautiful.

portrait of a young women with medical bandage and a fur-coat having a injection

Starting from the 21st century, many people have come forward to fight against this inhumane practice. Convincing someone that their own natural “perfect “ self is something to be questioned upon is the crime people are fighting against. Celebrities that inspire millions of people around the world are coming forward with their own inspirational stories of how they are starting to accept their natural self. It is no doubt that this new modern practice has influenced millions and have made people realize how they don’t need someone else to tell them they are perfect. Appreciating one’s own individuality is something which is taught now all over the world. Many makeup brands have also come forward with campaigns relating to self love.

Woman embracing herself. Concept of self love and self care.

Media is such a powerful tool in this modern love and if it can convince people to change their physical self than it also has the ability to influence people to love their own self. Various individuals have formed different campaigns whose entire goal is to convince people to find their own individuality. Many celebrities have also used their social media platforms to help achieve this goal. Many have also shared their own natural self and their struggles in order to convince people how every individual is perfect in their own way.

Now to answer my question of what is beautiful it’s answer is simple. Everything is beautiful. It is the mind that needs to be convinced because otherwise every skin tone, hair color, eye shape, physical figure is beautiful.

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