LEHRI, the man who made millions smile.

Safirullah Siddique, one of the acclaimed comedians of South Asia, known as a comedy king in the film industry. He was a veteran, comedian, and actor in the Urdu film industry. He was born on 2 January 1929 in Khanpur, British India. After independence, his family migrated to Karachi, Pakistan. He started his career as an actor in the film called ANOKHI in 1956.

In his first film ANOKHI he played a role of a comedian called lehri, this character became his identity during his 38 years in the film industry. He performed on radio and theater before entering the film industry (started as a stage performer).

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He acted from the 1950s till the 1980s and his last production DHANAK was released in 1986. He had the majority of films in Urdu and performed in few Punjabi productions. After the mid -1980s, Lehri reduced to occasional appearances on television and newspaper columns. When private-sector television originated, the industry was struggling and looked upon with failure and devotion. Even though he did not play a leading role, the film’s hero, Lehri marked his place in the hearts of millions of people as a comedian.

Lehri won 11 Nigar awards and also won the pride of performance award by the President in 1996. He died on September 13, 2012, at the age of 83 after a prolonged illness. Benazir Bhutto fixed a monthly stipend of 2500 rupees after his retirement until his death.

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