Love Therapy is the best therapy!

Nursing is considered a respectful and noble profession in Pakistan. Nurses are health-care professionals who are skilled and given special training to deal with particular types of patients. They must be respected and honored because they are the ones who take care of you during difficult phases of life when you are sick. A patient must be treated with great care and respect. A nurse is who is sociable, friendly, and professionally trained is considered worthy; she knows how to treat the patients as most of the time patient is under the care of nurses.

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Need for Love Therapy

In Pakistan, private-sector doctors and medical staff’s behavior is very friendly, supportive, and utmost professional. On the other hand, public sector doctors and teaching staff behaves rudely and carelessly. Staff don’t follow discipline and time schedules. Most of the staff remains absent and this creates a rush for duty nurses.

They behave indistinctly with patients and demoralize them. They inject the patient roughly. They not only behave harshly with patients but also with young doctors and other paramedical staff too. Many issues are reported of rough behavior of nurses with the doctors. Once a terrible incident occurred that a nurse injected a child roughly without properly analyzing his veins; unfortunately, he died. Due to such bad behavior of nurses, a patient’s health is at risk. People quote that,

” Love received and love given comprise the best form of therapy”

A patient is ill both physically and mentally. If he is behaved roughly and carelessly, his health declines with the passage of time. But if he is treated with care and affection, he starts to recover speedily. He feels mentally relaxed and composed.

The staff of the private sector is well educated, trained, and professional. They behave friendly and give care and attention to patients.
In a developing country like Pakistan where health facilities are not adequate, medical staff should behave professionally
and should take better care of patients. The availability of public health services should be increased so that the health sector flourishes and we can fight diseases.

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