Has ‘Dunk’ stirred up the question: hum py kon yakeen kare ga?

From the past decade, Pakistani TV channels started producing dramas on central themes like sexual abuse and harassment, rape, child abuse. But these are very sensitive topics to deal with and it is considered taboo to talk about these topics by most of the people of Pakistan. Some of these dramas are horribly written, glorifying the victim while some were brilliant in doing justice to the victims.


Recently, a drama named ‘Dunk’ airing on ARY Digital is facing backlash since its start. This newest production of Big Bang Entertainment is based on real-life event. The story of the drama revolves around the professor who was falsely accused of sexual harassment by one of his students and after some time, he committed suicide and left a note saying that if he is proven innocent, this incident will hurt his daughter in the worse possible way.


In an interview with Bakhabar Savera, Fahad Mustafa discussed the plot of the drama and said that “95% cases of sexual harassment are genuine but in some cases, people are falsely accused, so we have to tell every kind of story.”  

Dunk became a sensation and got so much attention. Some people said in the favor of drama and some said that it is a story that tells the tale of the misuse of the #Metoo movement. This movement is already heavily misunderstood in Pakistan. Some people thought it may damage the already fragile state of the #Metoo movement in Pakistan where the victims have a hard time getting justice. It may stir up the question: hum pe kon yaqeen kare ga? Some thought it only strengthen the mindset of abusers getting away with the allegations calling it false and it also gives hard time to victims to get justice.

The world is already facing gender-based discrimination and in Pakistan, despite being true, most of the harassment cases are considered as false accusations due to the misogynistic mindset of people. We live in a society where women already do not feel safe at reporting harassment and people have a hard time believing them.

While there is no denying the fact that cases of false accusations of sexual harassment do exist in the world, the reality is that the real cases of sexual harassment far outnumber the false ones and the cases of false accusations still matter. But the problem is people of our society do not understand that the drama does not narrate that all harassment cases are false, instead, this drama justifies the other less than 5% of men who are falsely accused. The cases do not get ignored because their statistics are less than 5%.

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