Healthy Lifestyle Hacks

Today’s busy routine has deeply worsen our health. Its effects are easily visible in our everyday life. Many people from around the world suffer from different diseases, both mental and physical because of how much they ignore their health. Our busy routine has kept us engaged that we ignore our self and due to this […]

Breast Cancer Awareness

It is every day that we come to here of someone dying of cancer. Apart from any other disease cancer has to be the most common one.  Concerning females, breast cancer is the most common invasive cancer in women and the second leading cause of cancer death in women after lung cancer. According to statistics, […]

Top 5 Strong Women of Pakistan Showbiz

Strong Women of Pakistani Entertainment Misogny is deeply embedded in the roots of Pakistan. Women of this south Asian state have been deeply affected by the patriarchal rule that is widely spread across the nation. In the past many females have suffered in the name of honor. In the past few years we have witnessed […]

Top 7 Ways to Style your Summer Outfits

Every summer seems to be more hot and scorching than the one before. Styling yourself especially in this heat is a major task and not an easy one. During this pandemic with everyone locked inside their houses there is not much to do but styling yourself in different outfits can be a good time pass […]

Top 8 Modest Fashion Hacks

Modest Fashion With the majority of our fashion brands featuring styles that may be popular among many women but are not for the ones who prefer their clothes to be more modest. For these women, it is more difficult to style themselves. We do not have enough brands who work for modest fashion but down […]

What is ‘Beautiful’?

It is a very simple question but when you think about the answer it gets a little complicated. For thousands of years people all over the world had their own definition of beautiful. There were different traits about people that were considered attractive. There was not one standard of beauty, but millions. Different beauty traits […]

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